Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock by AYIN V2.1

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We at AYIN believe that keeping your family safe is your right! We want to help you exercise your right by providing you with a safe and fast way to access your firearm, so we developed the NEW Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock - Model V2.1.

No more fumbling around in the dark for keys or trying to remember a combination when seconds count. Simply reach for your firearm and touch the biometric fingerprint sensor! You will go from “safe and secured” to “ready to defend” in as quick as 0.3 of a second!

Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock uses advanced edge fingerprint scanning technology, allowing you to program up to 10 user profiles (1 administrators, 9 users), all while allowing 360-degree fingerprint recognition – making it one of the safest and fastest high-security trigger locking systems in the world.

All AYIN Viking Biometric Trigger Locks come with a secondary backup override system that unlocks with a key as an alternative release solution.

On a full battery you will have approximately 5 months of standby time. We recommend charging the unit every 3 months.

Our fingerprint technology has a false rejection rate as low as 0.001%.

Weather & Dust Resistant IP65 – Fits Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns and BB Guns

Viking Biometric Trigger Lock will fit the majority of modern firearms, making the Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock a vital tool in your safety and security arsenal.

Included: Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Lock, USB Charging Cable,  Key, Fingerprint Setting tool and User Manual.



Brand/Manufacturer: AYIN

UPC: 860002791708

MPN: V2.1

Admins: 1

Users: 9

FRR: 0.001%

Fit: Most modern firearms